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Savor the taste of our local, grass-fed Ohio lamb, whether you prefer ground lamb or cuts like leg of lamb and loin chops. It's a delicious and responsible choice for your table.

GROUNDLAMB - Ground Lamb: $16/lb. (avg. 1 lb.)
Ground Lamb: $16/lb. (avg. 1 lb.)Ground Lamb: $16/lb. (avg. 1 lb.)
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    LAMBLOINCHOPS - Lamb Loin Chops: $25/lb. (4/pack)
    Lamb Loin Chops: $25/lb. (4/pack)Lamb Loin Chops: $25/lb. (4/pack)
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      LAMBRIBCHOPS - Lamb Rib Chops: $25/lb. (4/pack)
      Lamb Rib Chops: $25/lb. (4/pack)Lamb Rib Chops: $25/lb. (4/pack)
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        LAMBSTEWMEAT - Lamb Stew Meat: $15/lb. (avg. 1 lb.)
        Lamb Stew Meat: $15/lb. (avg. 1 lb.)Lamb Stew Meat: $15/lb. (avg. 1 lb.)
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          LEGOFLAMBBONELESS - Leg of Lamb: Boneless $16/lb.
          Leg of Lamb: Boneless $16/lb.Leg of Lamb: Boneless $16/lb.
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            LAMBBONESORGANS - Lamb Bones/Organ Meats
            Lamb Bones/Organ MeatsIf interested in any bones or organ meats, please contact us for availability at info@harmoncreekfarms.com
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              LAMBSHANKS - Lamb shanks: $12/lb. (2/pack)
              Lamb shanks: $12/lb. (2/pack)Lamb shanks: $12/lb. (2/pack)
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                LAMBSHOULDER - Lamb Shoulder Roast: Bone-in $14/lb.
                Lamb Shoulder Roast: Bone-in $14/lb.Lamb Shoulder Roast: Bone-in $14/lb.
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                  LAMBSHOULDERBONELESS - Lamb Shoulder Roast: Boneless $15/lb.
                  Lamb Shoulder Roast: Boneless $15/lb.Lamb Shoulder Roast: Boneless $15/lb.
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