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B.T. Leigh's Somethin' to Beef About Artisan Steak Rub $9.50

BT Leigh's Somethin' To Beef About Artisan Steak Rub- Salty, smoky and savory umami flavors combined with a slight heat and bright tang. No Sugar/Keto/Paleo.

We want to make it clear that we're not looking for trouble here. However, we must say that the combination of Aleppo chili flakes, powdered horseradish, and cracked black pepper brings a powerful punch to your taste buds. Don't be afraid to use it generously to elevate the flavor of your favorite cuts of beef and wild game.

This blend complements any type of beef, such as ribeye or porterhouse steaks, as well as hearty red meats like bison or venison. It also works wonders on pork, chicken, and root vegetables. For a unique twist, try using it as a sprinkle over your macaroni and cheese dish!

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