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B.T. Leigh's Somethin' Somethin' Sweet and Tangy Barbeque Sauce $9.50

BT Leigh's Somethin' Somethin' Sweet and Tangy Barbeque Sauce- Sweet and tangy tomato flavor combined with the slight heat of chiles and cinnamon, balanced by the bitterness of strong coffee and fruity sumac.

It's evident that you have a discerning palate, given that you've chosen this bottle. You don't settle for any ordinary barbecue sauce to adorn your grill. You crave something that's distinctively appetizing and multifaceted. Let us introduce you to your new ally - the Somethin' Somethin' Sauce. Brimming with irresistible layers of sweetness and tanginess, and infused with hints of coffee, cinnamon, and sumac, this sauce offers a lot more than meets the eye.

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