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B.T. Leigh's Flavor Gift Box $35

The Flavor Gift Box: Includes 1 The Clevelander Maple Mustard Barbeque Sauce- Sweet and tangy upfront mustard flavor with a buttery finish and a slight heat; 1 Jalapeno Business Tangy Chile Citrus Sauce- Bright and Tangy Jalapeno flavor with a sweet fruity undertone and a medium heat; 1 Somethin' To Cluck About Citrus Herb Rub- Aromatic herbs blended with bright citrus, earthy juniper berries an nutmeg; 1 Somethin' To Beef About Artisan Steak Rub- Salty, smoky and savory umami flavors combined with a slight heat and bright tang.

Looking for an ideal present for the discerning barbecue enthusiast in your life? Look no further than The Flavor Gift Box, which comprises of two award-winning sauces and two spice blends packed with explosive flavors, specifically crafted for the smoker in your circle.

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